Golf Ball Launcher

Golf Ball Launcher or Golf Ball Cannon

Whatever you call it, SMT Events and Fundraising Inc. was the first to bring it to golf courses and we have raised far more money for charities and for corporate groups than anyone else in the country.

More laughs, more smiles, more fun and more money for your group.

We do everything for you.

Our employee will run this exciting game, bring a wonderful gift for each your guests and we also provide the player that launches their golf ball closest to the pin on a Par 4 that we select, a Las Vegas vacation stay. 3 days/2 nights for two people at the beautiful Tropicana Resort right on the Strip (airfare not included). A great prize that we provide, but one that you should also sell to a sponsor to make even more money for your cause!

Give us a call at 888-693-4001 to reserve your event date.


Of course…. you can make your own out of PVC and save a few bucks or use one that was provided for you by the golf course as they are hosting your event but be sure to tell everyone that you are NOT insured before they use it. They love that kind of news. Then explain to your wife and kids why they are living in a refrigerator box under a bridge after you lose EVERYTHING in the lawsuit that will surely be coming after the PVC launcher explodes on the player as PVC is NOT meant to be used fr air or COMPRESSED air. You can also buy one online or hire someone who doesn’t care about the absolute facts presented in this video and lose your job after the tragic accident, after all, you are just a volunteer at the golf outing for your charity. Again, your boss and your wife will understand. It was all supposed to be in fun.

Or you can hire us. We are fully insured. We are more than happy to co-insure you and the facility if required. All of our launchers made from aluminum and we provide trained people to help your guests have a safe and enjoyable day.