Covid-19 Updated Golf Information

     As we are very close to the golf industry, we want to be your source for what is happening across the Illinois region in regards to the Covid-19 Cornavirus, how it pertains to golf and more importantly, how it can and will affect your golf outing plans.

We will update this page as we get calls, texts and emails from our golf course and industry insiders as to what is REALLY happening out there, from the perspective of those in the industry, not those in politics, so you can best plan your summer activities.



Effective May 29th:

⛳️ Foursomes

⛳️ 10-minute intervals

⛳️ Single-rider carts (or two members of same household)

⛳️ Practice ranges and practice areas allowed with restrictions.



Word on the street (direct from several golf courses) –

1. Forget about May.

2. Most events in June have cancelled or postponed until later in the year.

3. Cross your fingers for something in July, but in reality…..

4. The problem for all events are as follows… (a). No congregating BEFORE (registration) or after golf for food, drinks, awards, auctions as we know them just yet.   (b). If the one rider/one cart rule is in place, most golf courses simply will not have enough carts on hand to adequately  host larger events without renting carts. Renting carts (if they can be found due to the fact that a lot of courses will be in need) from a cart rental company is rather expensive. Starting at $40 to $65 per cart. That fee will need to be paid by someone…   (c). Congregating while waiting for scoring will be not be allowed and therefore an issue for the foreseeable future. In fact, most have done away with the golf course actually doing any scoring at all. There are golf courses that are not even handing out scorecards and pencils on the carts for events to use after the event.  (d). having Shotgun start due to social distancing rules.   (e). Registration will be a nightmare. You should use ONLINE REGISTRATION without a doubt. (f.) Golf courses are still on 10 minute tee times and are requiring golfers to vacate the property when done with their event round. Please see item #7 below for our money making VIRTUAL & ONLINE FUNDRAISERS.

5. Golf outings should also expect considerably lower numbers of players attending due to the fact that bosses and department heads will not be sending as many, if any, salespeople out to events to socialize in this manner. They will not be comfortable in the risk with losing a key employee to the Coronavirus nor will they be apt to put the company in a position to be held accountable for a lawsuit as a result of their action, even if the virus was acquired in their local grocery store.

6. Start SECURING sponsorships right now for your potential golf outing if you haven’t already. With the shortened outing season and the fact that small and smaller businesses have also been more than likely shuttered, they will be getting pounded by everyone right now. Don’t be disheartened.

7. Please take a hard look at out all year round VIRTUAL and ONLINE FUNDRAISERS for all of your fundraising needs. We created these for you. If you need or want something special, let us know by calling us at 888-693-4001 or by dropping us an email at and we will see if we can create a custom virtual fundraiser for you!