Why would your fundraising or corporate golf event group need SMT Golf Outing Services?

After all … at your golf outing last year you registered way more golfers that morning than had originally signed up and your sponsorships were absolutely through the roof. You had to turn away both golfers and sponsors …oh, wait… THAT didn’t happen.

In reality, last year, you had a heck of a time getting sponsorships. You waited far too long to start looking (big mistake…we cover this at our seminars) and they politely declined because of …“the economy”. Your attendance was down because of …“the economy”. At least, that’s what they all told you and that’s eventually what you blamed it on.

Tip #1…the sponsors you approach are ONLY looking for a better return on their investment over the next advertising option! A tee sign won’t get them much but, our Golf Scratch Card Game could (…what?).

Tip #2…every single one of your golfers have already played in outings just like yours. Oh, we know…you had Longest Drive and Closest To The Pin games (snore). It couldn’t be they were looking for something… ANYTHING…New, Different, or FUN, could it?

Tip #3…if you like the idea of trying something NEW, keep reading. If you don’t, well… See ya, wouldn’t wanna’ be ya.

Because that, my friend, is what we’re here for … LUCKY YOU.

If you are one of the lucky ones to live in or around Illinois (never thought you’d hear that, right?) and have an outing group of 68 or more (under 68 expected golfers, we can… YES, WE CAN… still help, just call), we can also bring our Original, Inventive, Fantastic, Fun, Talk-of-the-Clubhouse, Can’t-Wait-’Til-Next Year GAMES to your event. And when we say GAMES, we don’t mean “your daddy’s, BOOORRRING games”.

Regardless of where you are located, think… Golf Scratch Card Game. Sponsors love to use the backs of these to entice your golfers – their future customers, into their business after the event is over the next day, or next week (…think Groupon here).

Our unbelievably fun games on the course are now famous… Scattered Flags (over 100 prize flags on that fairway, no problem), How Many (go ahead, take a stab at the question) and many others! Your golfers (and non-golfers, you know, the ones who actually admit there is no way they’re gonna’ win longest drive) will be thrilled by the fun you have brought to your event. Even more importantly, for the fundraising groups at least, the funds brought in by these games are a HUGE plus. And, if there are SPONSORS for those games, (again with that “S” word) you will be AMAZED at the fundraising $$ brought in that day.

P.S. But wait, yes… there’s more. We have great framed sports and entertainment memorabilia for your auction. These pieces are offered on consignment so there is no risk to you. Aw, shucks, it’s just another free service we offer.

P.P.S. For the luckiest and smartest of you, we have seminars on how to hold a better, more profitable golf outing. If you are smart, and like the idea of trying something NEW, click here to ask about seminar information. We’ll update you on upcoming seminars and maybe send out an additional tip or two along the way.

P.P.P.S. Having trust issues? Yeah, we know. You’ll want to check out the “testimonial page”. There are almost 100 posts there to vouch for us. THEN, call for more details, with questions, and to make sure your date is still available. Book with a small deposit, and then brace yourself for your best golf outing yet.