3 Ways to make more money – Just pick one.

It really is this simple….

1. Raise your prices.

2. Lower your costs.

3. Get more people to attend.

(1) Raise the prices to your guests to attend your fundraiser. You aren’t going to raise money unless you ASK for it. Don’t forget, this is the ONLY guaranteed 100% participation you will have. Not everyone will participate in raffles, silent and/or live auction or games.

(2) Think about using a lower cost facility or negotiating a better price. You can also shave money of food costs, open bar items and length of time and more.

(3) Nothing beats simply having more guests in attendance. You and your committee need to get out and shake hands to get your numbers up. Sending emails is NOT going to do it. If you aren’t getting NEW people into your event, you are destined to have your event wither and die. Simple attrition dictates this. There are other things that your supporters need to do day in day out. Household duties, business travel, family vacations, kids sports and activities, work, other golf outings, moving away and even death will continue to draw from your perspective guest list. If you are not BUILDING your list of donor/supporters every single year, your event will get smaller and not produce for you.

So, pick one (or more) the three items above to increase your fundraising revenue. It really is quite simple.

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