My Question Is Very Simple

So, last night, at an event meeting, the group was talking about cool and fun new things to do that might get more people to come out to their event. The standard things were tossed around. Bigger and better raffle prizes. Cool goody bags gifts. Only one Live Auction item to keep the flow going at dinner, etc. Then it happened… It was mentioned that one of the committee members had a connection with a local high end car dealer and that they wanted to offer up a Maserati for a Hole-In-One prize.

Several on this committee perked up and loved the idea. I was not one of them. As I was asked why I was shaking my head from side to side, I asked my question…

“Will having a fancy Maserati as a prize that arguably nobody will win get ANY of you here to actually KNOW more people?”

There was no reply as you could imagine.

So, even if they had an airplane out there, which would be quite different and rather cool, they still need to get out and INVITE people to their event.

The reality is simple. This event and virtually every event is a FUNDRAISER. Success, is measured the day AFTER the event with the question… “How did we do?” Which is always answered with a $ sign.

The simple answer to this groups goal, to engage EVERYONE and to make more money is to sell raffle tickets (pre-measured) at an arm’s length for $20. Pick 3 “winners” to head out to the putting green before dinner to try and sink a 50 foot putt for $10,000 (or any amount) which you either buy the insurance for or sell to a sponsor to cover.

Everyone CAN make a putt but only 18% of the golfing public will actually hit a green from the requisite 169 yards, let alone drop it in the hole for ANY prize, even if it is a million dollars or a brand new custom home…. Oh, and don’t forget that nobody on the planet will drop $10 on you to try for that cool car sitting there., so the only person that benefits by having that Maserati out there is the dealership with all the signs around that cool car advertising his dealership, just in case you were in the market for something flashier than your Ford Focus.

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