Golf Outing Fundraising and Entertainment
Posted in Blog on March 20, 2019

So, last night, at an event meeting, the group was talking about cool and fun new things to do that might get more people to come out to their event. The standard things were tossed around. Bigger and better raffle …Read More

Posted in Blog on August 14, 2018

It really is this simple…. 1. Raise your prices. 2. Lower your costs. 3. Get more people to attend. (1) Raise the prices to your guests to attend your fundraiser. You aren’t going to raise money unless you ASK for …Read More

Posted in Blog on July 16, 2018

So the email comes in and it says, “we had 125 golfers last year and after expenses, our net profit was $25,000 but this year we want our golf outing to stand out more and to raise more money”. How …Read More

Posted in Blog on July 6, 2018

The dreaded Mulligan. Should you be selling them? If so, how many per player, how much should you charge? How many people will buy them? Are they worth it?   Let’s do the math. Everyone reading this is hoping for …Read More

Posted in Blog on July 6, 2018

Simply ASK FOR IT! Don’t be afraid. This is your day. If you don’t ask for it, who will? I see it every day, committee’s afraid to ask for money or raise pricing due to what someone on the committee …Read More

Posted in Blog on June 26, 2018

Stop wasting time, effort and money! The three biggest wastes of your time and money are certainly the three games that you already have in your event. It is time to take them behind the barn and shoot them.   …Read More

Posted in Blog on January 4, 2016

SPONSORS Far and away your Sponsors are your top profit producing source for your event. While you are certainly aware of this fact, you have to admit that you and your committee have actually spent the least effort in this …Read More

Posted in Blog on February 7, 2012

Sometimes things can be too cheap. Or, just because something is donated, doesn’t mean that it is a bargain. A local church was holding their fundraiser at a beautiful banquet room and I was asked to both bring in several …Read More

Posted in Blog on December 16, 2011

In the spirit of the Christmas season… our, 12 Days of Golf Outing Planning (backwards and without the Pear Tree thing)   On The First Day of Golf Outing Planning… Pick the date for your event. Keep in mind that …Read More

Posted in Blog on December 12, 2011

Golf Outing Value… Who Are We To Decide?   Week after week in golf committee meetings all across the country the topic arises as to “what should we charge for this year’s event”?   Comments immediately come from around the …Read More

Posted in Blog on October 21, 2011

Goody Bags – What is “good” about them? It has been estimated that there are one million golf outings in this country per year. Well, in my best Forrest Gump voice… “I don’t know about that”. But I do know …Read More

Posted in Blog on October 21, 2011

Golf Outings – It’s not really about the golf Many folks organizing golf outings and events do a ton of things right but still never fill their field. They end up scratching their heads, depressed and second guessing their every …Read More

Posted in Blog on October 20, 2011

How to find players for your golf outing. SMT Golf Outing Services pretty much does everything for you. Games, gifts, prizes, employees, auctions etc. all we leave you with is securing golfers and sponsors. Oddly, everything that we bring to …Read More

Posted in Blog on October 19, 2011

Golf Outing Raffles I don’t care how big your golf outing is. If you are running an event to raise money for something, you absolutely need to have raffle prizes! I am not saying that you need a ton of …Read More

Posted in Blog on October 19, 2011

Having helped raise millions of dollars for charities the past couple of years, I cannot help but see so many of the same mistakes happening day after day, event after event.   So much effort and work put into an …Read More

Posted in Blog on May 5, 2011

Bug repellent is neither a condiment or an aphrodisiac. The golf outing dinner or dare I say “dinner” is a unique yet very important part of the golf outing day. Some see it as a nice gesture for the non …Read More

Posted in Blog on May 3, 2011

Mulligans, Yardsticks and Strings… Oh My! Golf committees often find themselves concerned about or at least discussing pace of play in their meetings. It is recognized as a problem and sometimes field sizes are limited due the fear that the …Read More

Posted in Blog on April 30, 2011

“Networking and Camaraderie” Three minutes into the meeting and the very first words out of my mouth to the golf outing committee were, “why are you having a golf outing”? It was Earl, sitting opposite of me who proudly chimed …Read More

Posted in Blog on April 30, 2011

Why will golfers play in your golf outing? Is it the Cause, Course or Incentive? As long as you get a full field, more than likely you don’t care and moreover, never even bothered to find out the reason why. …Read More