Custom Framing

Custom Framing, from SMT Events is actually a two part offer…

Anyone can get their favorite keepsake custom framed in hundreds of colors, textures and styles at ACTUAL WHOLESALE prices.

If you need to frame items for your golf outing or fundraiser or if you have special family items like wedding, autographs, graduation, military service, sports jerseys, awards, grandchildren, shadowboxes… Whatever you have!

SMT Events will provide any fundraiser, custom framing fliers as an offer to everyone at your event. All you do is put a flier on every dinner plate or on every golf cart steering wheel. SMT Events will then donate 20% of every single item that your group has us frame directly back to your organization. This is literally free money to your group. This at no cost to you.

Unlike all other custom frame shops, we use 100% hardwood frames. No chipboard or particle board.

We also now frame items with remote control LED lights to make your special piece literally shine.

We use REAL UV resistant plexiglass to preserve your special memories and to make the piece lighter and safer for displaying than glass.

We ship all over the world and work directly with you to create the piece(s) that you will be proud to show.

We do this for you at WHOLESALE pricing 50% – 80% less than you will get at your local big box retail frame store!

Let us know if you are framing for a fundraiser. We will ship your pieces to you or directly to the event venue at NO COST TO YOU!

This is a very special service from SMT Events.