Event Photography


Pictures are taken of all the foursomes.  I then put them into a photo folder with two sides.  The left is the identification side which has the outing name, course location, and date (if outings have a JPEG file of their logo I’d love to use that).  On the right is where the foursome photo goes.

After I develop, I make them available on the course to all the golfers.  I have been doing this for 20+ years and I do not disturb the golfers.  I approach them at a break in their play.  This is a great remembrance of the outing with free publicity as well.  Golfers walk away with a memory that will last forever.  There are several different ways this can be done.  I have listed the packages below.

You will also receive a CD with all of the photos from the day and

– IT”S FREE!!!

Package #1 – No Cost To The Outing Itself

Photos are shown to the golfers.  If they choose to purchase them they can for a charge of $10.  Volunteers are always free.

Package #2 – The Outing Pays For The Photo’s

The outing can choose to give these as a gift to each golfer.

Some outings add on a $10 charge to the price of their golf ticket

so every golfer will be assured to have a “Great Remembrance” of

their outing.  My charge is only $8.50 per photo-folder in this package

so the outing will receive $1.50 per golfer to donate to their charity.

Package #3 – A Sponsor Pays For The Photos

If a sponsor for the outing pays for all the photo-folders there is a charge of $8.50 per folder.

Package #4 – Make Money For Your Charity

You can choose to add $1 to $5 per photo-folder onto the $10 cost.  Anything above the $10 that is collected goes back to the outing for their charity.


Your outing will be a success no matter what package you choose.

To book your Golf Outing Date please email me at:

PortraitsbyJKM@comcast.net or call me @ 708-710-6905.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Jennifer Molis-Bozzi

Portraits By JKM