Golf Outing Raffle Prizes

Golf Outing Raffles

I don’t care how big your golf outing is. If you are running an event to raise money for something, you absolutely need to have raffle prizes!

I am not saying that you need a ton of items by any means, but please do not fill whatever space you have on your raffle table with mindless donated crap.

Before making that mistake, realize that there are only three reasons people participate in raffles at any event from bingo halls to black tie affairs.

1.      They are quick, painless and require no skill to win.

2.      They are a nice simple way to support the organization with a few dollars.

And absolutely the most important one as I can prove to you any day of the week, if you ever stood at golf outing registration table for 20 minutes… People are looking to score something rather nice for a very small investment.

The question always comes up… “What are you raffling off” or “Where are the raffle prizes”? People want to know what is available and will spend accordingly.

The amount of tickets people buy is directly proportional to the perceived value of the items on display, and you should have the raffle items on display right at or near the registration tables.


That being said… 24 silk screened beer cozies donated by the local Aflac Insurance Rep or 4 stadium seat cushions with the Loretti Brothers Pawn Logo over on Main Street are things that you should just hand out as opposed to hope to lure paying customers into winning.

You are far better off going out and buying 3 nice pieces with your credit card at Walmart than having 50 pieces like that. Again, those other pieces are what we refer to as…. “either they were gonna’ throw them out or donate them to someone else who will throw them out”.


The rule of thumb should be, if you would leave the prize in your car unlocked all night in front of your house and NOT worry, it shouldn’t be on your raffle table.


Golf outing raffles are arguably your largest source of revenue. There are some things that you cannot afford to have donated.

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