How To Find Golfers For Your Golf Outing

How to find players for your golf outing.

SMT Golf Outing Services pretty much does everything for you. Games, gifts, prizes, employees, auctions etc. all we leave you with is securing golfers and sponsors. Oddly, everything that we bring to you is quite attractive to sponsors so that really only leaves you with getting golfers.

All you need to do is create a large enough committee to work with you. I am not talking about a bunch of Gold Medal busybody housewives or pompous egomaniac men. I am also not talking about experts in any particular field of party planning, food preparation or event planning experts.


I am simply talking about getting a bunch of people on your committee that are well connected or know a bunch of people. You know, the very same people that spend weeks sending out Christmas cards or are receiving them because they have so many people to on their list! The people that always seem to be involved in school functions, block parties, office parties, chambers of commerce stuff, rotary club etc.


In other words, I actually only want YOU to go out and find 3 of your personal friends who have the fattest Rolodex or personal phone book that you know of.


Friends of yours who are always on their cell phones or spend more time on Facebook than the law allows! Golf outing success is about WHO you know.


Now you ask your 3 friends to be on your “committee” and all that you and your 3 friends have to do is to EACH find 2 golfers to bring a team to your golf outing AND each find 3 of their personal FRIENDS that share the same traits that you have discovered in them to do the same. In other words, get them to work for you.


This means that YOU will have brought in 8 players to your event, maybe 12 if you have a team of your own.


This also means that each of your personal friends will do the same for your event. The total number of players that you and your 3 friends brought into your event is… 32 to 48


They don’t need to come to any meetings, they really don’t need to spend any time driving to discuss the event. They just need to do their FRIEND a favor and each find a couple of their golfing friends to help them out and play the game they love.


Notice how I never made a comment on what the reason for the outing was? It is because nobody really cares!



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