It’s Not Really About The Golf

Golf Outings – It’s not really about the golf

Many folks organizing golf outings and events do a ton of things right but still never fill their field. They end up scratching their heads, depressed and second guessing their every move going into next year.

We all know the economy isn’t helping. We all know somebody out of work or doing the job of three people back at the office.

The fact is, golf simply takes a long time to play. Who has that time nowadays?

You can accomplish the very same thing… Networking, camaraderie, advertisers, sponsors, lunch, dinner, awards, raffles, auctions, banquets and more!

And here is the interesting part… golf courses actually are quite receptive to a 9 hole outing. You can get preferred times, virtually any day of the week and they can be at or near twilight times and rates so you can take full advantage of their fantastic dinner and dining room service.

Don’t forget to take a look at morning slots so as not to tie up the entire day for groups that need to get back to work.

Don’t take it personally, sometimes people don’t sign up for your golf outing because they simply cannot blow the entire day at the golf course.


Also keep in mind that playing poorly is brutal, 3 extra hours of misery isn’t helping anyone. Look at shortening the day. You will still make your money and players might just appreciate the shorter day.

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