The dreaded Mulligan. Should you be selling them? If so, how many per player, how much should you charge? How many people will buy them? Are they worth it?


Let’s do the math. Everyone reading this is hoping for a 4 or 4.5 hour round. Yeah, that’s not happening. Sorry.


The golf part of your outing will take 5 to 5.5 hours and maybe more if you allow your guests to stop for lunch or have a BBQ cookout on the course somewhere.



Now we get back to the “big decision” of the committee on Mulligans.

Thumbs up? Thumbs down? “Jerry, what do you think, you were at the outing last year?”

Jerry says, “I think players like them, let’s do it.”


Personally, it cracks me up when I see people stumble up to the registration table and they ask the question… “Has anyone from the Anderson foursome checking in yet?” Your greeter says, “nope, you are the first… would you like to buy your pack of Mulligans?” Then you get the quizzical look and reply, “I should probably wait and see what my group wants to do”.  Like that matters at all! Either YOU want mulligans or YOU don’t.



Here is the math. Every single mulligan adds, at the very least 1.5 minutes to each players round. Actually more like 2.5 minutes as most use it either for lining up a putt that they swear broke less than the last one did or a tee shot on a par 3. Oddly this guy NEVER has an extra ball or even a tee in his pocket and will have to walk back down to his cart to get each out of two different pockets in his golf bag and change his club. Brace yourself if it is a waterhole and he has to search for a ball that is expendable, just in case he didn’t get any better at the 5 iron shot than he was 3 minutes ago. Either way, you are now adding 4 extra minutes to this groups round to use only one mulligan.


So, if every player gets 5 mulligans, you have added between 30 minutes and 80 minutes to that one group. You event is now looking at 6.5 hours on the course and EVERYONE, including the Chef is upset!


In reality, not everyone will spend that $10 for mulligans either, so your windfall of cash isn’t worth the extra time in the sun and upset guests. Remember, golfers will hit extra balls and cheat anyway. Simply add $20 to the cost to play in the event, EVERYONE who is there is actually paying it so you made far more money than if you sold mulligans and the rounds is faster anyway… Let Jerry hit a second tee shot on that par 3, he will anyway.

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