Jump on this fun and exciting fundraising tool for any of your upcoming events that need to raise a bunch of money quickly.

The best prize for ANY fundraiser is cash.

For the SMT Events Safecracker, we even supply the prize of $500 cash for the person who is lucky enough to “crack our safe”.

Here is what you do:

1. Sell the Safecracker to a sponsor. In fact, you can sell it to more than one sponsor. Sell the safe to one sponsors and sell the $500 prize to another sponsor.

2. Sell raffle tickets all day at whatever price you like.

3. At the end of the event, during your dinner and awards you can draw either one ticket where the lucky drawn number can take 3 tries at cracking the safe or draw 3 lucky numbers where each gets ONE try.


A random three digit code will open the safe, and if they do, they get our $500 prize!!

You keep 100% of your raffle ticket sales and never can lose a penny!

Your cost for this fun option is only $2 per player in your event.