SMT Golf Outings Awarded 2011 Golf Business Innovator Of The Year Award

Mike Tait Named Golf Business Innovator of the Year


CHICAGO, November 23, 2011 — is proud to announce Mike Tait as our 2011 Golf Business Innovator of the Year. He is the founder of SMT Golf Outing Services, which has helped raise over $2,500,000 for more than 300 charities groups and corporations. His innovative spirit has helped create a completely new breed of golf outing that intertwines entertainment and fundraising in unique new way.


Tait’s approach has been to add outrageous fun, amazing prizes and full participation games during golf events. He’s created over 30 innovative contests that attract participation from all golfers, regardless of ability that generate huge revenue for the outings. In the process, SMT Golf Outing Services has generated a legion of loyal fans.


SMT Golf Outing Services became Tait’s inspired mission after losing his mother to cancer in the spring of 2009. Mike focused the memory of his mother towards helping charities by revolutionizing the traditional and boring golf outing with what has become his groundbreaking system of entertainment and fundraising.


“ is proud to name Mike Tait our 2011 Golf Business Innovator of the Year” said Managing Editor Walter Lis. “He has completely revitalized an essential part of the golf industry that has lacked growth. We’re optimistic that through the efforts of people like Mike, the business of charitable giving and participation through golf outings on both a local level and national level will see renewed growth.”


Mike Tait’s success in helping golf events comes from his unique background in the golf industry. A 32-year PGA professional, Mike is also the owner of SMT Golf, a leading golf club manufacturing company that has produced six RE/MAX World Long Drive Champions and over 300 worldwide long drive champions in eleven countries.
While working as a club professional, Mike was exposed to the intricacies and nuances of managing successful golf events. As he helped manage and run thousands of events, Mike became convinced that the traditional golf outing model was becoming less efficient and lacked engagement and excitement for casual golfers. Golf courses, outings, charities and golfers were simply experiencing less success and having less fun with their golf events.


SMT Golf Outing Services works with golf courses, golf event managers, charities, sponsors and golfers to bring a new vision of entertainment and fundraising. Mike utilizes his proprietary system to help all types of causes, golf outings to sports boosters, in need of increasing revenue at their events. His company provides an amazingly affordable, turn-key solution that helps events of all sizes increase their previous revenue while making events so remarkable and memorable that the golfers themselves become raving fans who spread the word and generate long-term participation.


SMT Golf Outing Services can do it all for you from games, player participation gifts, prizes, employees, silent auction pieces, live auction items and more. It has really been amazing to see how they have been able to take care of anything and everything for so many outings.

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