The Ask








Here are a couple of brutal facts about your upcoming golf outing or fundraiser…

1. Only 15 percent of your guests look at your silent auction items. Far less actually make a bid.

2. On average only 50 percent of your guests buy raffle tickets.

3. Almost 75% of your guests actually believe that their paid entry into your fundraiser somehow believe that payment to be their donation to your cause!

Well now you can increase your overall revenue the day of your event with the SMT Events “ask”.

We print up simple envelopes that you place at every single dinner place setting.

Before the event ends or when guests are getting restless, simply point out The Ask envelope they found on their dinner plate.

ASK them to make one more extra or generous donation to your cause.

Then, your volunteers walk from table to table picking up The Ask envelopes.

You would be shocked to see that when your volunteer arrives to pick up that table’s donation envelopes, how often that simple peer pressure comes into play.

2 people will have their donation envelopes ready for pickup, 5 will be talking and not paying attention. Once they see their friends handing in their envelopes, they follow suit.

SMT “The Ask” envelopes are only $2 each