Vacation Prize

Your event will sparkle with a GREAT prize.

It is impossible to generate the funds you need for your event with a Car Wash Basket. People expect to see something exciting and absolutely will pay for it when it is available.

We have just such a fundraising prize right here!

Your winning guest(s) will be going for 3 days and 2 nights anywhere they want to stay in either Las Vegas or Reno.

That’s right, they get to choose their hotel of the available hot spots in either fun city!

This is a spectacular value for you and any sponsor that you get to cover this prize for your event.

Even though airfare is not included, this is still a $500 prize for only $225 per vacation stay!

Auction it, raffle it off or use it as a prize, this is sure to set your fundraiser apart form all others.

Don’t forget to sell this great prize a a Sponsor to realize the highest profit for your event.