Virtual, Online Fundraisers and More

  For every charity, school, organization, alumni group, church and more, the absolute need to keep fundraising efforts both alive and thriving is at the foundation of your fiscal plan. So many people’s lives rely on the decisions you make at this moment.

The “new normal” has altered and even cancelled many fundraisers in your Calendar of Events for the foreseeable future. The results of decisions made right now can have impressive or devastating results. Doing nothing is not an option.

Here at SMT Events, we have been working very hard for you and your organization to keep the points of contact and revenue stream alive and open.

You certainly could take the time, the time you do not have, to do a Google search and educate yourself on ways to run virtual or online fundraisers. You could buy a monthly or yearly membership once you have finally decided on what might work best for your particular needs, you could try and populate your campaign with interesting items and try to run the entire thing on your own as your staff and volunteers have been told to stay home and many doors have been shut, or you could simply trust us here at SMT Events as we have been helping thousands of groups raise millions of dollars over the past 10+ years.

Here are some of the truly exciting new fundraisers that we are offering to keep your supporters engaged and willing to continue to support your efforts in your community. You will also notice that many are absolutely free to you and require little to no effort on your part at all.

Please call us at 888-693-4001 or email us at so that we can answer any questions and to have us immediately create your own custom Virtual or Online Fundraiser.

Again, we will create or build ANY of these programs to suit your needs. Let us help you to continue to help your community.


Virtual or Online Fundraising Programs:


This is the most exciting Virtual Fundraiser to date and this one is actually completely interactive for your guests while providing a live leaderboard for all to see. Direct deposits into your desired payment portal, hole-by-hole sponsors that you can sell just like a traditional golf outing (without the cost and hassle of creating the tee signs), an unlimited amount of Level Sponsors for your “Event” and all in a package that can be set to play for hours or days at your desire. Imagine a virtual event that will NOT be limited to weather, time of day, day of the week, time of year, number of players allowed and more! This is the PERFECT answer for everyone looking to raise money. Pricing is very affordable and completely avoids all costs from the golf courses that you are used to! Call us at 888-693-4001 or email Mike at for pricing, to test it out or just to chat about this exciting program.


ONLINE SILENT AUCTION – Your “event” will come populated with our items that can be sold to every bidder which will increase your revenue exponentially, just as we have been doing with our Silent Auctions for years. Now, your guests can bid from the website that we create for you or they can even use their cellphones to bid by text. We are more than happy to add in your items, baskets, private lunches (when all this calms down) and more. We will also add in your Virtual or Online Fundraising sponsor logos as you supply them to us. If you currently are doing something like this, we will also provide our framed memorabilia pieces for your event on consignment!  This is a FREE service from SMT Events.


DONATION JAR – This is a simple takeoff on a Fund-A-Need auction that you would have and frankly, pay someone a lot of money to administer and host at your fundraising events if you could still have them. Your supporters can donate the funds you need from the website or they can also Text To Donate from the convenience of their cellphones. The twist that we have added to this for you is that we want to actually give back to those willing to give to you. We have added nice gifts that are worth more than the giver’s donation amount as a way of saying “thank you” for their continued support of your group. We handle all of the donation gift disbursements for you. We can change or add to the donation gifts if you happen to have access to things like gifts cards or the like.  Right now, this is only a $50 cost to your group.


VIRTUAL TRIVIA CONTESTS – SMT Events will not only host your online Trivia Contest, we will also create the online registration for your players and we also can offer you prizes and player incentive gifts just for registering. We will create the questions and answers for you from a wide range of topics including sports, history, music, current events, TV, and much more. We can also create the advertising image for your event if you like and you can host up to ONE THOUSAND trivia competitors per event and run as many events as you like. Weekly, monthly or whatever. Charities, schools, team building and more. You can invite people from all over the world to participate. Have some fun or raise some money for your cause. We do all the work for you.



“30 MINUTE GOLF OUTING” – SMT Events makes up a free online registration and payment portal for a Virtual Golf Outing (no golf clubs needed). We believe that people are hungry for touch points, even if they are with friends, colleagues and sponsors by way of their computer screens. A great way for all the fun, laughter, trash talking, drinking and prizes that a golf outing provides, but absolutely without the staggering cost to present to your supporters. Now, you have none of that and no worrying about inclement weather. Everyone who registers at a fee that you determine, will be mailed one of my wildly popular 18 Hole Scratch Cards. (extras can be purchased by those attending during registration as well which is also am additional revenue source for you) We take care of everything for you. Come the time of your event, morning, noon or night, we will direct every registrant to our Virtual Golf Outing via Zoom. We suggest that they bring their favorite beverage and dress accordingly or wildly (for a prize) Your guests will be “playing” both in the traditional Team format, but also playing as individuals for the great prize we provide for the lowest score scratched off for the 18 “holes” on their scratch card. Of course, the winner of your “golf outing” will be determined by lowest score…. scratched off, just like we do every day at our events. As the SMT Events Scratch Cards are hole by hole, we can also have a “Skins Game” for those who would like to participate when they register. We run the “Virtual Golf Outing” for you which includes Longest Drive & Closest To The Pin all from the very same scratch card. We suggest that the winners might receive a traditional gift from you, trophies, gift cards or whatever, but also, we will instruct your winners to send us their photos so we can digitally create a photo for all of your social media that will show your winning team in sport coats like they do at The Masters or even in ugly sweaters or mismatched sport coats (that don’t really fit) just for fun. The benefits of doing this “30 MINUTE GOLF OUTING” are many. You will not be paying the golf course thousands of dollars for fees, service charges, food, beverage etc. All that money typically spent, will stay right in your bank account. You will also not be cancelling your Golf Outing for 2020 and beyond, just shifting the way that it is “played”. Running a virtual golf outing also opens up your list of potential players as their location across the country is no longer an excuse not to participate. Grampa Vincent from Phoenix can now play in your online outing with his own team or as a single. We also are more than happy to continue to add any sponsors that you sell both to your website and will print their names or logos on the backs of the scratch cards that will be sent to every participant. Oh yeah, now expect you and all of your volunteers to “play” as you don’t have to work the event! You can also combine this one with the Donation Jar or Online Silent Auction above.  Only $19 per player, for EVERYTHING you just read here.



TOP GOLF FUNDRAISER – This one is HUGE for any group looking to raise needed funds! Everyone knows Top Golf, has hit balls there or just went as a spectator to eat the great food and enjoy a cold beverage with their friends or spouses. In that same vein, most people have also commented how expensive it is to hit balls there (It’s really not). Now, imagine this… SMT Events will create a fundraiser for you and your organization where WE ACTUALLY PAY YOUR SUPPORTERS to go to Top Golf and hit balls in this fundraiser for your cause! Read that again if you have to. We will have a Pledge Drive site up and running where your friends, family, guests, co-workers, UPS man, Aunt Ginny from Tampa and cousin Jim from Vegas will be able to sign up and secure pledges in their name for your cause. We provide the website, the links to the donation page and when these golfing folks get to a minimum of, say, only $9, $10 or more, head out to Top Golf for an hour or two… Whatever they want to do, Play the Top Golf game to score points for hitting balls in the targets and supply us with their highest score. We then plug it into the site, and send you a check! But, we also pay them for their efforts in your name and incentivize them to do it again and again… all year long! WARNING, MATH AHEAD: If they receive a total pledge amount, from all of their contacts and neighbors for you of, say $9 per point scored and they score 125 points while playing Top Golf, that comes out to $1,125. SMT Events will send them their choice of 10% of that in a check or in Top Golf Gift Card format. That’s right, we pay them  $112.50 when it only cost them between $17 and $50 to hit balls (depending on day of the week and time of day played). There is no charge for this program, but we do take 10% of the revenue. In this case, for one golfer example, you would have received $900. This goes on and on for every golfer, anywhere in the country. They can play any Top Golf across the land. You do nothing but spread the word of this great program!


GOLF BALL DROP – Very similar to our wildly popular Drone Golf Ball Drop but done virtually. We still make up the Online Registration page for your group that allows for your supporters to purchase their “lucky ball” (144 balls available) from the shopping cart of available balls. The revenue from all balls purchased go immediately into your PayPal account. Come time for the drop or when you sell all 144 balls, we do the drop live, online. We show your winning golf ball(s) and we still donate your choice of 3 days/2 nights for two people, anywhere they would like to stay in Vegas or Reno or you can also choose a $100 hotel voucher that is good anywhere in the world. Anyone in the world can purchase a ball or two (or more) for your fundraiser. Cost includes our vacation prize of your choice, only $400 ( a savings of $200 over the Drone Ball Drop)


MEMORABILIA FOR SALE – Yet another FREE SERVICE to help your group, charity or cause. We love to help you and it shows! We will keep sending you different items that every member is your group should post on their Facebook pages, email signatures, Twitter accounts, Instagrams and more. REALLY SPREAD THE WORD. We will write the short text for you, set the price and ship the item to your buyer for you, you collect the money from your supporters and simply tell us where to send it. We take care of it for you. It can’t be any more simple than that. Remember, we have multiples of almost every single piece! So you can just keep accepting the orders from your mailing lists. After a week or so, we will send you another piece or two and we will do this all year long… Coronavirus or not. Unless you hate free money, you need to start doing this right now. Just call us at 888-693-4001 or drop us an email at and tell us you want to start.


ART ROCKS CHARITY – Hey, Another FREE Service for your group! All you do is send email blasts, Facebook posts and Tweets to your group or charity… How to raise money for your Non Profit with – Just email your group’s logo and a few sentences on your cause. We will set it up for you. You can pick a one month period when you would like to be “featured” and YOU spread that news to your email list. All purchases who chose your cause will get 35% sent directly to you! It can’t be any easier!!

(Your group will stay up there forever, but will be the “featured” six causes every so often. Your supporters can search for your group so you will be credited for their purchases)

Over the past 13 years, Artist Elliott Aaron has established himself as the premier artist in helping raise funds for non profits across the world. Elliott’s art is collected by charitable donors, celebrities, athletes and corporations. Elliott is honored to have his work in private collections including Churchill Downs and several pro Sports teams. Elliott has raised over $4 million dollars for non profits and the number keeps growing.

Our platform is based on the following:

  • A buyer chooses a product to purchase.

  • Before adding the product to their cart, they can select a cause to support.

  • Every month features 6 non profits to choose from. The buyer also has the opportunity to search for their own cause to support.

  • Buyer selects their cause resulting in a 35% donation back to the charity.

ONLINE RAFFLES – You can hold any of your raffle needs virtually, online right here with SMT Events. This particular fundraiser is a 50/50 Raffle and instead of the old fashioned $1 per ticket and $7 for 20 tickets, we really increased the VALUE by blowing up the donation amounts and the virtual raffle tickets each donation will receive as you can see. This raffle also will also have the donors absorb all fees in their donations. That is why you see the odd donation amounts. Their goal is to get their full donation amount per registrant. This ends up being a free service.


More to come…. take advantage of these FANTASTIC fundraisers right now. Because cancelling your event is something you can’t afford to do.