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My Question Is Very Simple

So, last night, at an event meeting, the group was talking about cool and fun new things to do that might get more people to come out to their event. The standard things were tossed around. Bigger and better raffle …Read More

3 Ways to make more money – Just pick one.

It really is this simple…. 1. Raise your prices. 2. Lower your costs. 3. Get more people to attend. (1) Raise the prices to your guests to attend your fundraiser. You aren’t going to raise money unless you ASK for …Read More

What to do? What to do?

So the email comes in and it says, “we had 125 golfers last year and after expenses, our net profit was $25,000 but this year we want our golf outing to stand out more and to raise more money”. How …Read More


The dreaded Mulligan. Should you be selling them? If so, how many per player, how much should you charge? How many people will buy them? Are they worth it?   Let’s do the math. Everyone reading this is hoping for …Read More

How to make more money…

Simply ASK FOR IT! Don’t be afraid. This is your day. If you don’t ask for it, who will? I see it every day, committee’s afraid to ask for money or raise pricing due to what someone on the committee …Read More

Stop Wasting Time, Effort & Money

Stop wasting time, effort and money! The three biggest wastes of your time and money are certainly the three games that you already have in your event. It is time to take them behind the barn and shoot them.   …Read More


Package #2  – Just want a few really fun games?  JUST WANT TO ADD A GAME OR TWO? a La Carte Package Description $700 per Game chosen Pick from our over 29 on-course games. You can have as many games …Read More

Top 5 Golf Outing Moneymakers (in order)

SPONSORS Far and away your Sponsors are your top profit producing source for your event. While you are certainly aware of this fact, you have to admit that you and your committee have actually spent the least effort in this …Read More

Giving Back

Hi Mike, Just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for all your help on USG’s Giving Back Charity Golf Outing. This event was the most successful event in our 8 years of hosting the outing, helping us …Read More

Epilepsy Foundation

Thanks Mike. It was a wonderful outing and financially, our most successful yet. Over the past two years since we first partnered with SMT, we have seen the success of our golf outing increase immeasurably. Financially, our net profit has …Read More

John Geary “FIGHT ON” Memorial Golf Outing

SMT Golf was a HUGE hit! Everyone was amazed by the Golf Ball Canon and how many different games and prizes were available. I have already referred you to 3 different outings coming up, and I recommend that this kind …Read More

Jarrett Payton Foundation

Mike’s knowledge and helpfulness made our 1st Annual Golf Outing a huge success! He’s very helpful day of the event and the games he brings to the course add a new level of competitiveness for golfers! Being this was our …Read More

Elburn Fire Department Big Kahuna Classic

This was the first year we have used SMT to run games on the course. I have had excellent feedback from golfers. The SMT staff is professional and easy to work with. At the end of the day we made …Read More

Effingham Chamber of Commerce

Thanks to the SMT team for all of their efforts to help our golf outing be successful!  We heard lots of good comments again this year about the different type of games we had available.  We have tentatively booked our …Read More

Southwest Community Services Inc.

Thank you, Mike, for getting the SCS annual golf outing to the next level. Already a profitable golf outing, SMT helped us to increase our attendance by nearly 60%. Everyone was talking about the golf ball launcher and other new …Read More

University of Illinois

SMT Golf lives up to their mission statement. They made our golf event more fun and more memorable. Their representatives were helpful, attentive and a delight to work with. I look forward to what they will have “new” for next …Read More

Easter Seals

You and your team provided a great departure from the normal “run of the mill” outing. The different games brought a lot of positive comments from our golfers and the additional income generated, was certainly a bonus! Thanks, Bill Novak, …Read More

Face It, Fight It, Cure It

Mike, Thank you again for making the 2nd annual Cure It Foundation golf outing a huge success. Daren and Tina were so helpful and just great with the golfers on the course, many compliments about them. The auction items you …Read More

Successful Silent Auctions

Sometimes things can be too cheap. Or, just because something is donated, doesn’t mean that it is a bargain. A local church was holding their fundraiser at a beautiful banquet room and I was asked to both bring in several …Read More


Increase your player registrations, cash flow and sponsor value with the new link so your guests can mark their personal calendar with the date and immediately reserve and pay for their space. The money goes immediately into your account.

auction memorabilia

Simply because you have enough to do. SMT Golf can bring out all of the silent auction items to your event at absolutely no cost to you. We can do it all or augment what you already have. Beautiful framed …Read More

tee signs

Every golf outing needs them. Golf outings average 30 of them per event. Every golf outing seems to spend more than they should on them, and this cuts deeply into the net profit for your charity when you finally figure …Read More

hole in one prize/insurance

Let us insure your outing games. Pricing starts at under .30 cents per player.Read More

SMT Golf Outings Awarded 2011 Golf Business Innovator Of The Year Award

Mike Tait Named Golf Business Innovator of the Year   CHICAGO, November 23, 2011 — is proud to announce Mike Tait as our 2011 Golf Business Innovator of the Year. He is the founder of SMT Golf Outing …Read More


68 Player Minimum – Our most popular package. You make your event as custom as you like and we do all the work for you. We bring the staff, the prizes, the player participation gifts and we also bring sponsors for you as well.Read More


68 Player Minimum – This package is the same as Package #1 but you keep 100% of the cash raised! This is an amazing program.Read More

billy caspers orchard valley golf course partners with smt

Oswego Illinois – SMT Golf welcomes Billy Casper Golf’s beautiful Orchard Valley Golf Course in Aurora Illinois to their fine selection of high class golf facilities who are offering their unique golf outing services to their customers. SMT Golf and …Read More

Smt Golf Brings Their Golf Outing Services Program To Whitetail Ridge Golf Club

Oswego Illinois – SMT Golf has teamed up with the Whitetail Ridge Golf Club to provide each of their golf outing customers a very special experience and one that will immediately increase the value to each and every customer who is …Read More

Smt Golf Partners With Ruffled Feathers Golf Course

Oswego Illinois – SMT Golf broadens their reach into the golf outing community through the magnificent Ruffled Feathers Golf Club in Lemont, Illinois. Ruffled Feathers, an Eagle Golf property and Chicagoland’s very first all inclusive golf course experience is now …Read More

Smt Golf Partners With Blackberry Oaks Golf Course

Oswego Illinois – SMT Golf  brings their fun and unique Golf Outing Services to the beautiful and manicured Blackberry Oaks Golf Course in Bristol Illinois. SMT Golf  has teamed up with Blackberry Oaks Golf Course to provide their golf outing …Read More