Goody Bags

Just because “that’s the way you always did it“, doesn’t mean that it is right!

Players need a reason to attend your fundraising golf outing and a pack of plastic tees, sleeve of balls, granola bar and a mini-bottle of water in their Goody Bag is not the appearance you were hoping to make. I mean, all golf balls “float” the same and will be gone after two holes.

This Goody Bag gift from SMT Events is one that actually holds a true value shows that you care about how your group looks to all of your guests.

Every single player in your event (or whatever fundraiser you are having) will get a packet of gift cards for several FREE rounds of golf at area courses. Certificates for FREE custom wedges and also a FREE putter. A $25 Gift Card from a huge local retailer and more. Every guest will also receive certificates for fantastic discounts on literally EVERYTHING they could ever need for their season of golf.

EVERY player receives at least a $500 value just for showing up at your event!

With a value like that, you certainly can raise the cost for them to play in your event which goes right to your bottom line.

So, forget the boring golf balls, towel or t-shirt and give them the gift of golf.

Only $2 per player…

Oh yeah, we don’t supply the pretty bags, but you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD sell a Goody Bag sponsor or two for this great gift package. After all, it is all your money at the end of the day.