Roll The Dice

The ABSOLUTE REALITY about getting people to come to your Fundraiser or Golf Outing is that your guests need to see that there’s a VALUE to being at your event as opposed to another event on the same day.

SMT Events has the perfect program for your next fundraiser and ALL of your fundraisers.

Roll The Dice is a fun and exciting game that will give each and EVERY attendee at your event the opportunity to win as much as $10,000 cash!

Imagine how your Event Flier or email blast will look when you mention that EVERY PERSON attending will get a free roll of the dice to spell out W-I-N-N-E-R and win up to ten thousand dollars!



The VALUE in attending your event becomes obvious and the fun is palpable.

Since you have increased the VALUE to your guests you can and should also increase the cost to attend, as well as sell the Dice Roll to any number of Sponsors.

We suggest that you at least sell a sponsor for the DICE themselves and the CASH PRIZE as well. Just print two signs for these Sponsors.

SMT Events supplies your fundraiser or golf outing with the special dice and the dice rolling tower!


$10,000 prize – $850 (Only $5.90 per person)*


Heck, raise the cost of your event by $10 or more and you don’t have to sell it to a sponsor or two.

Well, since nobody is allergic to money… Sell it to the sponsors anyway!!


*you get up to 144 covered rolls of the dice for the payout. If you need more rolls, let us know. Don’t be shy about selling chances to win the cash either.