Reverse Raffle

These are a TON OF FUN for any fundraiser that you might have. You can have them as a stand alone event or build their ticket price into the cost of their entry fee.

Imagine holding a Raffle Ticket and NEVER wanting to hear your number called!

That’s why we call it a Reverse Raffle.

We handle everything for you.

You get 100 Custom made, single number raffle tickets. (you can order more if you like at a small charge) No more 7 digit little red tickets that nobody can read.

We set up our custom Reverse Raffle board for your event. We staff it and you can even combine it with any of our unique prizes!

All you need to do (or we can do it for you) is to make one small announcement at your event dinner that the Reverse Raffle is starting and we take it from there. Your guests continue to enjoy their dinner and are surprised to see that they have won cash or prizes!

Call us for details, costs and availability.